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Evolent Health is driven by its mission to change the health of the nation by changing the way health care is delivered. Though our environmental footprint is modest, environmental sustainability and responsible resource use are important for Evolent now and in the future.

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Real Estate Footprint

Evolent is committed to evaluating our carbon footprint. We continue to assess our physical office footprint and prioritize energy efficiency and environmental design in the buildings we occupy. As of 2020, our corporate and regional offices* offer the following:

  • Recycling programs for plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and e-waste and compost bins in select offices
  • Energy efficiency certifications
    • Arlington, VA: Energy Star Certified, LEED Gold Certified
    • Chicago, IL: LEED Gold Certified
    • Pune: iNFHRA Excellence in Sustainability
  • Close proximity to public transportation including metro, train, taxi, and bus stations. Select offices offer electric car charging stations and secure bicycle storage in building garages.
*Corporate and regional offices include offices in Arlington, VA; Chicago, IL; Brea, CA; and Pune, India.
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Virtual Global Organization Footprint

Evolent has taken a cloud native approach across our business—from building and running products and platforms which leverage the advantages of the cloud computing delivery model, to end-user computing and collaboration. Our digital operating model offers our employees flexibility in how they work and has become a hallmark of our company culture. Where possible, we have always provided our employees with work flexibility, and currently, more than 50% of our US based employees are classified as work from home. When our employees work from home, or when they divide their time between working from home and working in the office, we reduce our paper and fuel consumption, produce fewer emissions and have a smaller carbon footprint. We remain committed to a model of work flexibility, because we believe it’s a win-win for the planet and for our ability to attract and retain the highest caliber of health care talent.

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Cloud Providers / Data Centers

We use cloud providers and co-location data center operators who demonstrate high standards in energy efficiency and are environmentally conscious in the way they plan, operate and consume natural resources and power. Greater workload flexibility, better server utilization rates, and more energy-efficient infrastructure contribute to lower costs and reduce risk and volatility for Evolent.